Fiona brings a style of timeless sensibility to projects drawn from her set of skills; combining sound food knowledge, a respect for how and where food is produced, with an intuitive 'camera' eye for detail, light and composition, in a career spanning many years doing what she enjoys. 

Food Styling

Plan, Prepare & Present

Planning and preparation are paramount for a successful project. Sourcing ingredients and props from near and far, patience, trouble shooting, are all in a day's work.

Visual components are diligently considered from the initial styling brief to the final photographic presentation. All to entice and inspire the viewer.

Fiona’s ideal project is being asked to develop ‘and' style the recipes for a client.

Recipe Development

Discuss, Develop & Deliver

Following client discussions the recipes develop through a well considered process, from creative concepts, kitchen testing and tasting, to the final delicious result, gratifying all senses, ready to deliver in to the market place.

Recipe Testing

Test, Taste & Trial

Cooking mistakes and disasters are avoided when a recipe is tested, tasted, tested and tasted again, until given the thumbs up. Clients can be confident that recipes are thoroughly trialled before launching into the public arena...and that makes for a satisfied customer.